1. If your vehicle overheats, STOP IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Take immediate action to prevent further damage to Your Vehicle.
  3. Return Your Vehicle to the issuing dealer if driveable, if your vehicle is not driveable; Contact the issuing dealership for additional
    help returning the vehicle to the dealership or the dealership’s repair facility. If outside 100 miles of the issuing dealership contact
    the administrator.
  4. Before beginning any repair work on Your Vehicle, Call Your Servicing Agent, AVP: (877) 428-7252


Air conditioning system: Compressor, compressor clutch assembly, condenser, condenser fan and motor, evaporator, expansion valve, orifice tube, pressure regulatory assembly, receiver dryer/accumulator, temperature control programmer, and module.

Axle assembly components (front and rear wheel drive): All internally lubricated components within the drive axle housing including: bearings, carrier assembly, gears, thrust washers, shafts, and spacers. Drive axle housing, but only if damaged as a direct result of a Breakdown of a Covered drive axle assembly component. In addition, the following external drive axle parts: axle shafts, center support bearing and mount, constant velocity joints and boots, drive shaft, universal joints and flex discs, viscous coupling.

Engine components: All internally lubricated components including: camshaft, camshaft bearings, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft bearings, freeze plugs, lifters, mechanical fuel pump, oil pump, oil pump gears, oil pump shaft, pistons, piston rings, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, rocker arm pivots, timing chain, timing gears, timing chain guides, valves, valve lash adjusters, valve seats, valve springs, valve guides, variable valve timing parts, and wrist pins.

Rotary engine components: including apex seal, bearings, eccentric shaft, and rotor, Cylinder head, engine block, or rotor housing, but only if damaged as a direct result of a Breakdown of a Covered engine component. In addition, the following external engine parts: cam/valve covers, crankshaft pulley, engine mounts, engine oil reservoir, engine oil reservoir pump, drive shaft, exhaust manifolds, flex plate, flywheel, harmonic balancer, intake manifold, intercooler, oil pan, pulleys, ring gear, timing cover, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, timing gears, thermostat, vacuum pump, water pump.

Transmission (automatic) components: All internally lubricated components including: bands, bearings, carrier, drums, gears, governor, hubs, pump, pump housing, servos, shafts, valve body. Transmission case, only if damaged as a direct result of a Breakdown of a Covered transmission component. In addition, the following external transmission parts: torque converter, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator. Transmission (manual) and transfer case components: All internally lubricated components including: bearings, gears, hubs, shafts, shift rails, shift forks, synchronizers.

Transmission and transfer case: but only if damaged as a direct result of a Breakdown of a Covered transmission or transfer case component. In addition, the following external transmission and transfer case parts: transmission mounts. Seals and gaskets are only covered when required for a covered repair.

(Minor loss of fluid and seepage is considered normal and is not a covered repair.,

AVP Limited Warranty will not pay anything for – a Breakdown: 1. Due to or contributed to by rust corrosion, foreign objects and/or contamination of fuels, fluids, refrigerants, or lubricants; 2. due to freezing or overheating, due to any cause, including as a result of overheating due to water pump failure; 3. due to misuse, abuse, or negligence including but not limited to Breakdowns that occur when not driving on legally marked roadways; 4. due to the lack of normal maintenance required by the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule; 5. due to or caused by improper servicing or repairs; 6. due to the failure to maintain proper levels of oil, coolant, lubricants, or fluids due to any cause; 7. due to cracked cylinder heads and/or cracked engine blocks unless caused by the failure of an internal lubricated part; 8. due to alterations, installations, or modifications that have been made to Your Vehicle that do not meet the manufacturer’s original specifications; or the use of Your Vehicle in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer; this includes but is not limited to, any custom or add-on part, all frame or suspension modifications, lift kits, oversized/undersized tires, emissions and/or exhaust systems modifications, or engine modifications; 9. caused by collision, fire, theft, freezing, vandalism, riot, explosion, lightning, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, flood, falling objects, acts of God, or environmental damage; 10. covered by a Warranty or by any other manufacturer’s or repairer’s guarantee; 11. due to pulling a trailer or another vehicle unless Your Vehicle is equipped as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer and the towed trailer or vehicle meets the manufacturer’s limitations and specifications; 12. if Your Vehicle is used for a taxi, limousine, or shuttle; used for livery, hire, rental, delivery service, postal service, police, fire, ambulance, security, or emergency service; snow removal, commercial towing, hauling, racing or other competition, principally for off-road use; 13. if Your Vehicle is used for commercial or business use by more than one driver on a regular basis; 14. repair or replacement made without prior approval from AVP: 15. caused by a non-covered part; 16. If the odometer of your vehicle has ceased to operate, been altered, disconnected, or replaced, and the odometer mileage in any way does not accurately reflect the actual mileage of your vehicle; 17. that has been determined to have existed prior to the purchase date of the Contract; or if the Breakdown does not occur during or is not reported to AVP within the term of the contract; repairs to or replacement of: 18. Any Covered part if a breakdown has not occurred or if the wear on that part has not exceeded the tolerances allowed by the manufacture, but which is a repair facility recommends or requires be repaired and connection with a Covered Breakdown; this includes any expense due to engineering upgrades; 19. piston rings and the integral exhaust valves have not sustained a Breakdown but require removal of carbon deposits or other material by grinding and/or refacing of the valves or seats and cleaning and/or replacement of the pistons and piston rings to restore engine compression or reduce oil consumption; 20. Any emission control device solely to meet emissions standards required by State and/or Federal Law; 21. additional damage to covered parts as a result of the failure to protect Your Vehicle from further damage when a Breakdown has occurred; 22. incidental or consequential loss or damage that is the result of a Covered Breakdown; this includes, but is not limited to any liability whatsoever for economic loss, damage or injury to persons or property resulting from a Breakdown; further, Coverage is similarly limited to the loss of use, time, profit, inconvenience, lodging, food, or any other incidental or consequential loss; This exclusion may not apply in some states which disallow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. 23. breakdowns that occur and/or repairs made outside of the United States of America and Canada; 24. Storage charges, freight or delivery charges for parts, shop supplies, or hazardous waste disposal; 25.repair of water and air leaks, squeaks and rattles, wind noise, or alignment of body parts bumpers and glass.

LIMITS OF LIABILITY – The total of all benefits paid or payable for each repair visit is limited to the actual cash value of the vehicle, not
considering loss of value due to the breakdown of a covered part. The total of all benefits paid or payable during the term of this vehicle Limited Warranty
shall not exceed the purchase price paid for the vehicle by the Limited Warranty holder. Liability for any incidental or consequential damages is
specifically excluded. Such incidental or consequential damages include, but are not limited to loss of profits or income, loss of the use of the vehicle or
damages to property, loss of time, inconvenience and commercial loss. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.